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 Founded in 1833, Jarvis J. Green hoped to name his small plot of land "Pontiac", after his hometown in Michigan. Rejected by the postal service, he finally decided on another Michigan town - "Saginaw".

In the later half of the 1800's, Saginaw was forever changed when the railroad decided to make Saginaw the last stop on their south-bound routes to Fort Worth. Saginaw prospered as the transportation dependent industry, such as grain storage and milling facilities, moved in to be near the railroad.

Saginaw remains home to the largest grain storage facility in the world! Burrus Mills, now Cargill, Inc., was the launching pad for the western swing band "The Lightcrust Dough Boys".

The railroad continues to engage in active operations with piggyback switching, freight services, railcar repair facilities and more. The grain mills operate 24/7.

Saginaw is now one of the fastest growing communities in North Texas. Recognized for its small town feel with big city amenities and its top rated public school system, Saginaw is definitely once again "the city on the right track".

Saginaw gets its spirit from its citizens and business community. Their interest and guidance enables an active exchange among the private and public sectors. This provides for the ongoing growth and development of our community.

The City of Saginaw and its' business community provide our citizens progressive and stable places to live, shop, work, and play. The circle of involvement within our community provides the environment in which to invest our lives and our businesses.

The Spirit of Saginaw is within the hearts and lives of our citizens and businesses. Together they work to maintain and enhance a quality of life others strive to attain. We are a community that is constantly strengthening our resolve to leave a legacy to future generations. We have come so far already, yet recognize that we have an even brighter future.

We encourage you to come and make our community the best place to raise your family and expand your business. The past only provides insight into the hope for the future, polishing our lives with the Spirit of Saginaw. We extend to you an invitation to become a part of us, strengthening the Spirit of Saginaw, now and for our future.